The Curtain Rises (2015)

The Curtain Rises (2015)

Other name: 幕が上がる Maku ga Agaru


Saori, Yukko, Garuru, Nakanishi and Akemi are high school students at a provincial city and members of a playgroup at their school. Yoshioka, who used to perform in plays when she was in college back in Tokyo, begins to work at the same high school as a new teacher. When the girls decide to compete in a play competition, with the goal to make it through the regionals, teacher Yoshioka tells them they're aiming low and that they should think about the national competition.

Director: Motohiro Katsuyuki [本広克行]

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Friendship; School; Youth;

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