Journey to The West (2010)

Journey to The West (2010)


China produced a brand-new TV drama based on the famous classical Chinese novel Journey to the West in 2010.Compared to past adaptations, the highly anticipated new series daringly takes a little more liberties with the source material to create more surprises for audiences.Besides the updated plots, the big-budget fantasy adventure drama directed and produced by Cheng Lidong also features more sophisticated visual effects,fightchoreography, and costume design.The 52-episode series stars Hong Kong actor/singer Victor Chen (Canto-pop diva Kelly Chen's brother) as the Tang Monk, Fei Zhenxiang as the Monkey King, Xie Ning as Pigsy, and Mu Fengbin as Sandy, whose team encounters various monsters on their dangerous quest to retrieve the Buddhist sutras.The supporting cast is perhaps what gets this production most attention, with the likes of Joan Chen, Tang Guoqiang, Wang Gang, Wu Ma, Yin Xiaotian, TVB actor Eddie Kwan, and gorgeous actresses Cecilia Han,Wang Like, Yu Na, Vivian Chen, and Diana Pang co-starring.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Adventure; Fantasy;

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