Oh My God 2015

Oh My God 2015

Other name: 从天儿降 The Baby From Universe Cong Tian Er Jiang Children Fallen From The Skies


The movie tells the story of a couple who fervently prayed for a blessing. In answer to their earnest request, the heavens gifted them with a child. From then on, the new family of two couples traverses the happy and sad paths of life.

Chen Mo and Mo Han, Le Yi and Mega are a pair of couples which are close friends. The four young people live together in the same residence and lead a nonchalant and carefree life. Suddenly on one faithful day, a meteor crashed onto their rooftop which morphed into a lovely baby which came to them in their sleep. Astonished about the overnight presence, the four were rendered perplexed. The four soon became baby sitters and were the frenzied by the task. Gradually they found this "everyone's" baby possesses magical powers! Followed by a string of events, they were matured by the responsibilities and fostering of the baby.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Comedy; Fantasy; Sci-fi;

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