One Minute More

One Minute More


Tsai Wan true fashion editor (Zhang Jun Ning) and her boyfriend Shen Hao mediator (Peter Ho) cohabitation has been for a long time, Wan never really a career woman to work in the first place, while her boyfriend is Kosuke SOHO owners focus on quality of life, care of his girlfriend plus, to help her take care of all of life. Suddenly one day, Lira dog into their lives, and this cute little guy let Wan true and Kosuke originally attributed to plain cohabitation with the new sweet. But Wan really more busy work, she attend Kosuke and lira, emotional crisis escalated, until the break. Wan real work is about to new heights, high handsome colleague also began to Wan really fierce pursuit, but in this case, the dog's life, but the lira to the countdown ...... Wan really how life will change, her love turn go ...... The film adapted from a Japanese writer Harada leaves dance novel "Just one minute."

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2015

Genre: Drama; Romance; Family;

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