Peach Man vs chrysanthemum blame

Peach Man vs chrysanthemum blame


Long, long ago, there was a name is called peach peach Xia, also called a strange chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum blame the rich and powerful, full of evil, does not dare to offend it is freshly baked peach Man "Wild little hands "But when the time to pick up the rivers and lakes in the bun lost years" peach Scriptures ", peach Man practicing for a long time, and finally got to consummate the point, but he felt nothing less of his life, it was decided for each one flower crime. After some planning, peach daisy Man broke into house, all the way through, and finally found a strange chrysanthemums, peach Man with a "peach Scriptures" the most powerful beat peach palm strange chrysanthemum defeated, became the world admired heroes.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2014

Genre: Comedy;

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