The Girl In Blue

The Girl In Blue

Other name: Jia Qi Ru Meng


Every sweet togetherness are so last clearer separation pain. Piercing pain, and finally suffering a sad beautiful love. Jia period, daimyo advertising business manager, in a new car recommended meeting unprepared to meet again with the first boyfriend Meng peace. Dusty heart of a sudden waves, they have found each other in their hearts still occupy the most important position. However, the mother of peace between the two lie Interfax is an insurmountable thrill of climbing. In peace to go against the wishes of his mother and again later when the wedding day, his best friend Ruan Zhengdong (Toko) wedding day but then launched a fierce offensive of love, but was hidden behind his offensive and far-reaching hidden secret plan. Toko is a rich kids, but also the name of a large advertising company client, and his brilliant, indulgent, surrounded by his girlfriend constantly. On his wedding day to avoid overkill. Ruan Zhengdong sister West is well-known TV presenter, the dark heart Xu Meng peace, snobbish Interfax West also wants peace to marry his wife, but peace Xinyousuoshu, depending on the West for her sister, so West endless melancholy. Because the association business, wedding day unconsciously and Tungse contact increased. West was mistaken already in love and peace. Meng peace can not untie the heart lock wedding day, but also worried about hurting the feelings of the East sub-wedding day, and depression overnight, got drunk, mistakenly visit the West as a wedding day. To match wedding day Jing'an and seniors Xu Shifeng, but unexpectedly early because of competition for the two taxi "grudges." Jingan blow rapist anti provoke a lawsuit, when peak Xianyihouyang help Jing'an outlet, easing relations between the two became quarrelsome lovers.

Country: Taiwanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2010

Genre: Comedy; Romance;

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