The White Haired Witch (2020)

The White Haired Witch (2020)

Other name: 白发魔女外传 , The Wolf Witch , Bai Fa Mo Nu Wai Chuan , Bai Fa Mo Nü Wai Chuan , Baak Faat Mo Yu Ngoi Chyun , Bai Fa Mo Nu Hou Chuan , Bai Fa Mo Nü Hou Chuan , Baak Faat Mo Yu Hau Chyun , 白发魔女后传 , 白發魔女外傳 , 白發魔女后傳


Towards the end of the Ming Dynasty, secret service agent Chang An is given a task to investigate a cult allegedly led by the Witch with White Hair, Lian Ni Shang. He then finds out the leader of the cult is actually someone else. In the world of martial arts, a story of conspiracies, love and powers unravels.

Country: Chinese

Status: Completed

Released: 2020

Genre: Fantasy; Mystery; Wuxia;

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